Kokokyutto Compression Suit (Leggings + Inner) Black (Twin Pack)

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FULL BODY COMPRESSION with our Kokokyutto Compression Suit!

It’s a suit with a DOUBLE EFFECT around your Waist and Back.

This set of Inner (Singlet) and Leggings will give you a perfect full body compression to make your body posture FIRM UP FROM HEAD TO TOE. It will help to compress your muscle to relieve the tension at muscle and increase the body waste drainage.

It will make you looking Slender and Confident!
It is Original. Designed and Manufactured in Japan! 
Material Content

Compression Inner 

The Body

82% Nylon

18% Polyurethane

The Taping

89% Nylon

11% Polyurethane

Compression Leggings

91% Nylon (Contain Temperature Regulating Fiber)
9% Polyurethane

Key Features

3 STEPS to Improve your problems and Regain Your Self Confidence!
✔️Taping and Compression with strong waist belt & Muscle Support for Quadriceps

The perfect design of POWERFUL BUILT-IN WIDE BELT with high-pressure knitting to provide strong support to the waist and back without wired frame fixed to the garment!
Gives you the maximum comfort and flexibility to wear it for maximum movement

Taping also plays an important role to support your quadriceps to give the best effect on muscle recovery and knee support.

Medium pressure knitting to give the effect of fat massaging on the tummy when we 
✔️Pelvic Care

Compression design to help in correcting the position of loosening or tilted Pelvic

Effects / Functions
With these features, it aims to provide below improvement:

🔸BUST UP                                                                                                          🔸SHAPE UP our Flabby Tummy & waist                                                         🔸FIRM UP and STRAIGHTENED our Back                                                                                    🔸SECURED our Pelvic Posture                                                                         🔸LIST UP Muscle of our Knee & Quadriceps                                                      🔸IMPROVE Lymphatic DrainagE                                                                    🔸Reduce Water Retention                                                                          🔸IMPROVE Blood Circulation                                                                                                                                                      🔸Support our Lumbar Spine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      🔸Flattened Tummy

Our customers who had worn it, provided below feedbacks to us, (due to individual health condition and lifestyle, the feedbacks or reactions may vary) 
Pain near the Lumbar Spine is relieved
️Knee Pain is Relieved!                                                                               Able to bend our body lower!                                                             ♥️IMPROVEMENT in WATER RETENTION problem                                               Bodyline shape up instantly                                                                             ️Cellulite Mark is reduced                                                                                       Tummy and side of the waist are smoothed out!

** Above remarks is a compilation of feedbacks from Customers, it tells the reaction of a general group of consumers, but do not apply to everyone. The effect is not a guaranteed result from the manufacturer, as a result, is subject to health and body condition of the individual.
Size Chart

Remarks: Fitting size of a compression garment depends on individual preference, one may be able to go beyond the reference chart but the other may need a looser one, please consult us if you are not sure which size to pick. Thank you.

Additional Info
Precaution Notes

Please consult your doctor If you have below medical situation:

  • Heart disease
  • Serious Hypertension
  • Stroke Patients
  • Pregnancy
  • Any other critical disease
Product Packaging

Our packing is eco-friendly and costs saving in order to let our customers enjoy with more competitive pricing. Please consult us if you want to know about our packing! 

Color & Sizes

Color Available 🔶 Black/Nude
Size                   🔶 M / L / LL

Drink More Warm Water (around 50% more from your usual consumption), try to stand or walk for one to two minutes when you have sat or squatted for more than one to two hours especially during the first 2 weeks of daily usage.
Put on the leggings before Inner, Inner should be covering the leggings
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Washing Guide
There is some washing instruction which is important to take note before you start wearing our compression garments, we suggest you watch it first before you start using our products. You can find it in our video section in this website