Q) Can I wash my Kokokuyutto Compression Leggings?

We recommend only hand wash with luke warm water (below 30ºC) for Kokokyutto Leggings and air-dry it indoor without using Dryer. We do not recommend machine wash, however, if this is the only choice you have, the garments has to be placed in a laundry pouch for bra.

Using of dryer is prohibited and machine wash may also damage or shortened the lifespan of the leggings features.

Kindly refer our washing guide insert (will be inserted in the packing) for a detailed instruction for washing.



Q)  I lost my instructions, can you send me a digital copy?

Yes, we can send them to your email


2.How to wear Kokokyutto Compression Leggings

Q) How long can i wear the leggings?

It depends on your health condition and also your personal preference with compression garments.

In general, we recommend our client to wear between 6-10hours during day time when you are performing any kind of activity or work, you may wear 7 days a week if you have more than one for wash change. 


Q) Can i wear it at night during sleep?

The leggings’ design is made for vertical posture so that the function of the design can work at its top performance. However, it is not harmful for wearing to sleep but we advise our customer to wear with caution and stop wearing when they feel sick or uncomfortable with it.

In general, compression at abdomen is not recommendable to wear to sleep, we should be in our relax condition when we are resting. But it is fine to wear it if you feel ok with the compression feeling. Wear to take a nap is not an issue.


Q) Can I wear during pregnancy?

We do not recommend to wear the leggings during pregnancy unless advice by your doctor.


Q) Can I wear during postpartum period?

Yes, we strongly encourage women in their postpartum period, especially within the first 6 months after delivery of baby to wear the leggings.

This period is the best timing to shape up with the leggings.


Q) Can I wear it while standing/driving?

Yes, this is one of the main function of the leggings, it helps people who needs to stand or drive for long hours, it also has strong function for helping us in walking, climbing,  squatting and many other activities.


Q) Is there any restriction for ill people to wear it?

Almost anyone can wear the leggings except patients with below health problems, we strongly request them to wear with caution or consult your doctor before wearing

  • Thrombosis
  • Critical Hypertension
  • Heart Disease
  • Major Surgery around back & knee
  • Serious Diabetes
  • On Special Medical Attention by Doctor
  • Pregnancy


  1. Can Kokokyutto Compression Leggings help with these problems?

Q) Can it help Slipdisc patients?

A) We have many customers suffering with slipdisc problem, and the product had helped relieved their pain and numbness so far. However, this is not a medical device, we do not suggest to answer it as the product that can help on certain sickness. The result is depending on individual health condition. 

Customers who have back and knee problem may also facing some initial reaction with the product, we advice customers to contact us if they have any concern so we can guide them with our best knowledge.

We made the product with very high quality Taping and Compression design which really helped to hold our muscle firmly.


Q) I have scoliosis and etc spinal problem, can the product help?

A) The product itself aims to hold your lower back firmly and help to correct your posture. In the long run, you will slowly get rid of repetitive back and knee pain and it might improve the condition of scoliosis. However, we cannot guarantee a full recovery. Nevertheless, it is never wrong to set your posture right. When your posture is right, you set the basis to fix all the other thing right in the long run.


5) Who Can Wear It?

Q) Appropriate Age Group to Wear Kokokyutto Compression Leggings

Our product is suitable for anyone who are 12 years old and above (as long as they can fit into our sizes and are capable to put it on)


Q) Is this a Unisex Design? Can man wear it?

Yes, the design is for Unisex, man can wear it.


  1.  Sizes & Packing

 Q) Is there a size chart?

Yes, there is, we have 4 sizes. S-M, M-L, L-LL, LL-3L.

You may refer the detailed size chart through below link :


 Q) How is it packed

We packed our product in simple packaging, it is first packed in a Vinyl PE Bag and another layer of Kraft Paper Bag over it. We tried to keep it simple to meet Environmental Aspect.


  1.  About membership

 Q) What is the membership for?

 The membership program is offered to our direct or indirect customer (purchases through agents of Tokoshie Global Enterprise), Once you have purchased our products , you may join our Members Forum Community Group on Facebook or our Shopify Homepage. Then, you will be eligible to enjoy a lot of know how and product details which we only share with our members.  There will also be some privileges such as members only presale event, special promotion, early launched products, or members only contest etc.


Q) Is there a fees for membership?

No, there is no fees to join our membership


Q) Is there a validity for the membership?

Yes, there is, it last for 1 year from date of purchase, extension will be subject for special approval from Tokoshie Global, however, member will be required to contact Tokoshie Global for a written request for the extension.