Kokokyutto Compression Leggings (Unisex) - Black

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One legging that will make you or your parents feel young again! More energetic to move around when you go on vacation! 

It is Original. Designed and Manufactured in Japan! It’s a Unisex design.  

Material Content

91% Nylon (with Temperature Regulating Fiber)

9% Polyurethane

Key Features

This leggings consist of 3 key features :
✔ Compress
✔ Burning
✔ Pelvic Care

With these features, it aims to improve below systems in our body:
🔸  Blood Circulation
🔸  Lymphatic Drainage
🔸  Reduce Water Retention 
🔸  Enhanced Metabolism
🔸  Correction of Distorted Pelvic 
🔸  Support Our Muscle
🔸  Strengthened Our Back and Knee

Effects and Functions

Our customers who had worn it provided below feedbacks to us:
♥ Back Ache RELIEVED!
♥ Knee pain REDUCED!
♥ Footsteps feel lighter and able to walk further distance!
♥ Knee got stronger and able to climb stairs effortlessly!
♥ Shoulder and neck pain RELIEVED!
♥ BETTER SLEEP with a lesser dream!
♥ Certain skin allergy problem is IMPROVED!
♥ Bodyline seems to TONE UP already!
♥ Varicose Vein shows sign of improvement!

** Above remarks is a compilation of feedback from customers and is not a guaranteed result from the manufacturer, all result is subject to individual health condition and lifestyle, the feedbacks or reactions may vary. **

Additional Info

Precaution Notes

Please consult your doctor If you have below medical situation:

  • Thrombosis
  • Critical diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Pregnant
  • Any other critical disease
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Product Packaging

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