Tokoshie Global with Dato Seri Dr. Chris Leong

It was a great evening to have a short session with Daro Seri Dr. Chris Leong on end Nov 2018. 


Knowing our leggings had helped many slipped disc patients, people with problem knee and woman in their Postpartum period after delivery of their babies, we decided to approach Dato Seri Dr. Chris Leong to seek his advice with trial of our leggings on their patients who are also having similar problems. 

We were excited on this night that he managed to free some of his time to see me for a positive update briefing from him. 

Without any plan or preparation, we were given an opportunity to explain about our products to the public through his Live Video Session. 

The content of conversation and briefing were done without any script or notes, which is the style of Dato Seri Dr Chris Leong > TO BE NATURAL.

Should anyone have interest in our products, please feel free to visit our store for more details and users review. Thank you.